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Forest Mushrooms Round Rug

Forest Mushrooms Round Rug

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Make your house a wonderland with the Forest Mushrooms Round Rug! This vibrant and colorful piece of decor is perfect for livening up any space. Its unique woodland-inspired design stands out and draws the eye - bringing a touch of whimsy to any living room or bedroom. With its coated backing, 0.25'' thickness, and durable textured face, it’s sure to last many years without losing its vibrancy or its stunningly original style. The round size measures 60"×60", making this rug just the right size for convenient installation and maximum impact in any interior area of your home. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your abode or searching for an inspired gift, the Forest Mushrooms Round Rug will bring the beauty of nature into the comfort of your own home.

Image by [oxanaart / Shutterstock]

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