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Heart Flowers Table Runner

Heart Flowers Table Runner

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Nothing creates a more inviting atmosphere in the kitchen like an elegant and striking table runner. Every host's favorite, the Heart Flowers Table Runner is no different! Its unique aesthetic adds life to any lackluster table setting, making your kitchen look straight out of a catalog. The runner comes in two high quality materials - cotton twill or polyester. Each provides durability, so you can be sure of this product’s lasting value. And with two size options – 16" × 72" and 16" × 90" – you can choose whichever suits your kitchen best. Plus, all our lovely table runners have hemed edges that ensure long-term use. This stylish piece also features one-sided printing for a truly timeless effect. Indulge in its gorgeous details as it boasts an excellent print resolution to bring out all its elements clearly and precisely. The Heart Flowers design of white and pink hearts lends subtle sophistication and encases you in a warm embrace every time you enter the room. Create a chic, eye-catching display and start conversations around the dining table with the stunning Heart Flowers Table Runner today!

Image by [Nikiparonak / Shutterstock]

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