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Kawaii Donuts Kitchen Towel

Kawaii Donuts Kitchen Towel

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Tired of the same mundane kitchen towels for those daily cooking sessions? With the Kawaii Donuts Kitchen Towel, you’ll have maximum convenience with a touch of character and fun! Perfect for adding an expressive twist to any kitchen décor, these kitchen towels come in two materials – polyester and cotton twill, so you can pick which one best matches your culinary or decorative needs. The one-sided print adds a unique charm while being lightweight enough to tackle messes quickly. Each towel measures 18" × 30" (45.72cm × 76.2cm), making this the perfect size for all types of kitchens, great and small! Never worry about needing more than one hand to put away your towel when you’re finished - with its hassle-free design and stunning print, it’s sure to become your trusty helper in no time!

Image by [Reginast777 / Shutterstock]

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