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Pink Flamingos and Palm Leaves Acrylic Serving Tray

Pink Flamingos and Palm Leaves Acrylic Serving Tray

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Bring a touch of glamour to every occasion with the beautiful Pink Flamingos and Palm Leaves Serving Tray. This exquisite serving piece feature vibrantly printed pink flamingos and tropical foliage in vivid hues that is sure to draw attention from your guests. With its white-base insert, silky smooth laminated artwork, and bright colors, your home is sure to make an unforgettable statement. Not only does this tray bring a luxurious look but it also comes with an easy-to-carry handle for convenience. Perfect for both formal and informal events, the Pink Flamingos & Palm Leaves Serving Tray is designed for your elegant taste. Methodically crafted in the USA to give you superior quality, impress your friends and family at get-togethers by bringing out this amazing tray!

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