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Red and Blue Popsicles Napkins Set of 4

Red and Blue Popsicles Napkins Set of 4

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Upgrade your event decor with a splash of color and a whole lot of class. Our Red and Blue Popsicles Napkin Set of 4 is the stylish choice for small gatherings, backyard BBQs, and cozy game nights. Each napkin is made from luxuriously soft microfiber polyester fabric, printed on the top with gorgeous red and blue popsicle patterns. The non-printed white bottom allows you to easily accessorize any colored table - no more tedious matching required! For added convenience, each napkin set comes pre-packaged in packs of four. And designed to be extra durable, they can survive spills, messes and thrown elbows while looking better than ever before. With their charming design elements, these Red and Blue Popsicle Napkins will make hosting your upcoming event a breeze! All you have to worry about is having fun - our napkins got your table decor covered!

Image by [Maryna Lahereva / Shutterstock]

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