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Spring Garden Magnetic Induction Charger

Spring Garden Magnetic Induction Charger

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Introducing the ultimate magnetic induction charger - your all-in-one device for the latest gadget-savvy fan. It's small in size yet full of advanced features that will make charging your wireless devices so much easier. Whether you have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, this charger works with all devices that are compatible with the Qi standard and Apple MagSafe accessories. With its sleek black body and matte printed top, plus a built-in silver metal ring holder, you'll know your device is safe while recharging. For added convenience, it also comes with an adhesive magnet to increase compatibility with MagSafe accessories. This state-of-the-art charger has an LED indicator light and supports a wide range of 12V/1.5A (9V/2A for 10W+ models) input and 15W (7.5W/5W) wireless output. Plus, it has a wireless charging distance of 3mm to 8mm – giving you more charging options than ever before! Keeping up with technology just got even easier – pick up your own magnetic induction charger today!

Image by [Olga_Angelloz / Shutterstock]

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