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Space Cats Table Runner (Cotton, Poly)

Space Cats Table Runner (Cotton, Poly)

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Do you want to take your kitchen décor to the stars? With our Space Cats Table Runner, you’ll make your table look like it belongs on some cosmic adventure. This epic runner comes in two high-quality materials, cotton twill or polyester, for you to choose from depending on your preferences. And it doesn’t sacrifice quality for a stylish look: hemmed edges keep everything neat, and one-sided prints ensure that vivid colors stay in immaculate condition. Two sizes are also available—16" × 72" and 16" × 90"—so whether your table is long or short, we have something perfect for it. It will have you feline intergalactic with its charming cats in space design! Get your Space Cats Table Runner today and purrfect up your décor.

Image by [Sokol Artstudio / Shutterstock]

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